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Our teams have been offering junk removal in Raleigh, North Carolina, for over 14 years.  You may have seen us on T.V. a time or two, but beyond that, you may have seen us out and about helping our clients re-claim their space.  When junk takes over, we are on standby to come to save the day!  As a professional junk hauling service in Raleigh, North Carolina, we know that you want the most bang for your buck but also need to count on a reliable hauler that will show up on time, dispose of your unwanted material most properly and operate as an environmentally friendly service. 

If you have junk around your home or property that needs to be loaded, hauled away, and disposed of, we are the junk removal company you are looking for.  Call us today and set a hassle-free, no-obligation appointment for a junk removal estimate.  Our junk removal estimates are free, and you can expect excellent junk removal prices and high-quality, friendly service from folks located in Raleigh and surrounding areas.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Affordable Junk Removal In Raleigh

Affordable junk removal prices in Raleigh are what customers love most about using our company for their waste management needs.  We happen to be 30% cheaper than other haulers in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, but our superior services are never sacrificed.  Balancing efficiency, affordability, and reliable services together is what makes Garage Brothers the #1 junk removal service in the local area. 

Residential Junk Removal In Raleigh

Residential Junk Removal In Raleigh

Let us do the job for you if it’s time to get rid of the clutter and retrieve lost heirlooms from your attic, cellar, house, or garage. We will haul any old furniture, appliances, and general junk.  

To get professional services for junk removal in Raleigh, North Carolina, look no further than Garage Brothers Junk Removal, a reliable service you can count on that’s been serving the area for over 14 years and counting.  

Commercial Junk Removal In Raleigh NC

Commercial Junk Removal In Raleigh

When expanding your company, relocating offices, or updating your appliances, we will help make space by eliminating old office chairs, desks, file cabinets, and partitions.

As a licensed and fully insured company, you can rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that as we remove office junk, and cubicles and perform warehouse cleanouts for your commercial business in Raleigh, you are covered.  

Apartment Junk Removal Raleigh

Apartment & Condo Junk Cleanouts In Raleigh

We support property managers clean the debris and remove old beds, appliances, and mattresses left behind by renters. This helps you to rent out your units more quicker.

Some cleanout jobs can be extensive and require a large team of Raleigh junk removers to haul out junk from wherever it is in an apartment, condo, or hotel.  Some places have upper levels with flights of stairs that can make clearing debris difficult, but no job is too big for our teams. 

Our Raleigh Junk Hauling Services

We Provide Reliable Junk Hauling Services to Your Residential & Commercial Properties. Our teams are the best at what we do and there are many reason that Garage Brothers Junk Removal stands Out among other known junk removal service sin Raleigh.  Some see Raleigh as the junk removal capital in the U.S. so we feel blessed to service the area and our vision is to provide our clients with the highest quality service possible while also ensuring that they pay the most affordable rates for getting debris removed and properly disposed of.  

Junk Removal Service Near Raleigh

Trying to clear your property of junk and debris? No problem, Garage Brothers offers full-service junk removal to haul away any items you would like from your home, apartment complex, or business in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas. 

Furniture Removal Near Raleigh

Furniture Pickup Services

Upgrading your old furniture? If you need to make space for your new furniture, call Garage Brothers! We will haul away couches, beds, desks, benches, dressers, and much more! To learn more about our furniture removal services, call us at (919) 533-5207.

Junk Removal In Raleigh NC

House Cleanout Services

If you are clearing out your garage, estate, home, or foreclosure, Garage Brothers are the team to call! We will remove your junk and unwanted items quickly with no hassle. Give us a call today to book your appointment!

Appliance Removal Raleigh

Has your refrigerator or dishwasher gone out? If it’s time to get rid of your old appliances, our team will remove all kinds for our junk removal clients. Garage Brothers will do all the heavy lifting for you, from small to large appliances!

E Waste Removal North Carolina

E-Waste Removal

When you’re ready to get rid of your old electronics such as TVs, computers, printers, or anything that has a cord or uses batteries, we will take care of the job. Our team correctly disposes of your E-Waste, so you don’t have to. 

Recycling Junk In Raleigh

Unlike other companies, our foremost priority is to recycle as much as possible to keep our landfills clean and eco-friendly. If you don’t have time to recycle, Garage Brothers does!

Junk Removal Near Me Raleigh

Looking for Junk Removal Near Me Raleigh, North Carolina? Our Junk Removal Service Garage Brothers were founded in 2007 by Kraig Bantle in Raleigh, NC, to combine his passions: recycling and charity work. From the onset, he has made Garage Brothers’ top priority to keep items out of our landfills.

Our Raleigh Junk Removal company has done that by participating in programs that have recycled over 50 items, donating items to numerous local charities, selling items from our warehouse, and even giving away some merchandise for free.

All these together make Garage Brothers different from every other junk removal company.  There are many different junk removal companies in Raleigh, North Carolina, so when you search for “junk removal near me,” there are many haulers to choose from.  It’s always a great idea to find out what each local junk hauling company charges in Raleigh, but we can assure you that we have some of the most affordable rates nearby! 

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Raleigh Junk Removal Near Me

Looking for Junk Removal Near Me in Raleigh, NC? As professionals in the junk removal industry, we have served the local community with all their needs surrounding junk removal in Raleigh, North Carolina, for over 14 years.  You may know us from the T.V. show “Garage Gold,” where we performed garage cleanout services and hauled away junk that was no longer useful to the clients we served.  It’s our mission to recycle as much material as possible as a junk removal service in Raleigh that has a vision of practicing only environmentally friendly disposal practices.   

14 years of business in junk removal has allowed us to meet many great people who have shown their support to our cause, so we cannot thank the residents in Raleigh and the surrounding areas enough for their support over the years.  From our commercial junk removal clients to the businesses we regularly provide services for, we appreciate your business! We want to be clear on the items we haul away in Raleigh, so here is a list that may help answer any questions you may have about junk removal in Raleigh, North Carolina! 

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