5 Tips To Properly Stage Your Home

Do you want to sell your home? If so, it’s crucial that you make sure the house is staged properly. A well-staged home will be more appealing to potential buyers, and they are more likely to offer a higher price for it. This blog post discusses five tips on how you can successfully stage your home for prospective buyers!

1. Clean Everything Thoroughly

Start by cleaning everything, including the walls and ceiling. Make sure that you wipe down all of the cabinets in your home to prevent potential buyers from thinking they are dirty since this can be a turn-off for some people. If there's carpeting, vacuum it thoroughly or have it steam cleaned before putting on any furniture because nobody wants to see stains or pet hair.

If you're worried about the cost of cleaning, think about how much more your home will sell for if it's clean and clutter-free! You'll be pleasantly surprised by an increased asking price when potential buyers walk through a clean house that doesn't smell like pets or cigarettes. Empty walls are also very important to include in the house, as prospective buyers like seeing how many potential places they can hang their own pictures.

Be sure to clean your windows and window coverings (e.g., blinds/curtains), too! Cleaning them will not only make it easier for people to see outside but also makes a room look brighter and larger.

The bathroom is another important room to thoroughly clean, as it's one of the rooms that prospective buyers will visit most often before making a decision about your home. Ensure you scrub the toilet bowl and make sure there isn't any mildew or mold around the tub or shower area (especially if they aren't tiled). If there are tiles, make sure that there isn't any grout missing or cracks in the tub.

You might be wondering why you should clean your cabinets when buyers are looking for houses to put their belongings into.

Well, it's important not to include anything personal because this can give off a wrong impression of what living at the house is like if the homeowners were the type to keep their home messy.

If you don't have time for a thorough cleaning, there's no problem with just organizing what's inside cabinets and closets so that they look clean and clutter-free! This is especially helpful if your home has been on the market before or you're trying to sell it quickly because this can save you a lot of time.

It's also important to clean the exterior, as well! If there are any dirty walls or weeds around your front entrance, potential buyers might assume that those areas haven't been maintained, and this could reflect poorly on how much work it takes to preserve the rest of your home. Be sure not to forget about the windows and window coverings, either!

Keeping your home clean in general is the best thing that you can do because it will be far less stressful when showing buyers around. They'll notice the difference when they walk into a well-kept house compared to one that's dirty or cluttered with stuff everywhere!

2. Update Furniture With Neutral Pieces

If you're selling your home, it's important to update any furniture with newer pieces in neutral colors. This means that there shouldn't be anything bold or bright because this will make the house feel smaller and give them a negative impression about how much work it might take to change things up if they buy your home.

Neutral colored furniture is also best because it doesn't take away from any of the prospective buyers' furniture that they might want to bring into your home. It's important to consider how large each piece is and what color will blend well with walls or carpeting!

Make sure you're using neutral colors like grays, whites, and beige so that they match most décor styles, and it's easier for a buyer to picture their belongings in your home.

Don't forget about the bedrooms, too! If you have any colored pieces of furniture or bedding in the rooms, make sure there aren't any bold patterns so buyers can envision how much storage room each piece has.

3. Add Greenery

Adding some greenery (whether it be plants or flowers) is another thing you can do to make your home look more appealing. However, if there aren't any plants inside the house, this might give off a bad impression that not much has been done to maintain its beauty and cleanliness.

Potential buyers like seeing how many spaces they have for greenery in your home, and this can seem like a positive sign that the homeowners have invested time into making their house look nice.

If you're not sure where to put any plants, consider adding them around windows because they'll provide some shade during sunlight hours while also looking pretty! If you don't have enough space for larger plants or trees, smaller flowers are a great option because they can brighten up an area without taking up too much space!

4. Make Sure All The Rooms Are Well Lit

If you're showing your home to potential buyers, it's important that they can see everything inside by making sure all the rooms are well-lit. This means moving any furniture out of the way, so people don't trip, and adding more light fixtures or lamps if there isn't enough natural sunlight coming through windows!

Adding more lights is also a great way to make a smaller space look bigger, and it helps buyers imagine where they could add some of their furniture.

To create this effect, you can do something as easy as clearing out any clutter from countertops so that the room looks more open or moving pieces away from walls if there aren't enough outlets for lamps!

Don't forget about the exterior, either! Make sure any pathways are well-lit, so buyers don't trip and make it easier to view your property even if it's already dark outside.

Well-lit rooms are also great for showing off the natural beauty in every part of your house! If there's a room that already has lots of windows, buyers will be able to see all the lovely things each space has to offer, and it might seem like less work than if they were walking into an area without much light.

5. Call a Junk Removal Company

When you are staging your home, you may find clutter or old items that need to be replaced. A reputable junk removal company can take care of any items that need to be hauled away! Call Garage Brothers today if you are looking for a junk removal company in the Raleigh, NC area! You can reach us at 919-533-5207 or visit our website www.TheGarageBrothers.com.


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