Our Residential Pricing

Garage Brothers

Affordable and Professonal Junk Removal

Every junk removal company uses the same term of measurement, a cubic yard. A great example of this is a queen size mattress, which is equal to two cubic yards. Keeping this in mind, take a look at how our pricing breaks down in comparison with some other local companies

Garage Brothers

$24 Per Cube

Our Competitors

Turbo Haul

$27 Per Cube

Stand Up Guys

$27.50 Per Cube

Junk King

$33 Per Cube

Count Junkula

$34 Per Cube

Junk Doctors

$39 Per Cube


$41 Per Cube

And this great, low pricing does not even include any credits/discounts we can give for usable merchandise!

*Some additional charges may apply*